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Your business operates in a local area. Your website must be found in Google. You need to  outrank your competition in the search engines.


You're a consultant offering professional services locally, nationally or even worldwide. Google search and ranking is key to your success.

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Content is the life-blood of your business. Rich articles, infographics and video can drive increasing traffic. A launch pad for affiliate sales.
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Client Testimonials

  • Elizabeth Jamieson Client Marc

    Marc Wayshak 

    Elizabeth has been a critical and amazing resource for my company over the years. Her outstanding ability to do anything with WordPress has made her an integral part of my business. Her integrity, responsiveness and easy-to-work-with approach makes her one of a kind. I could not more highly recommend her for anyone needing help with WordPress.
  • Elizabeth Jamieson Client Scott

    Scott Gilberston 

    Liz's WordPress training was fantastic. Clear and comprehensive, it put all the parts together, allowing me to finally use WordPress confidently. Her technical support has been equally superb, allowing me to build professional sites for myself and my clients. In addition to her world-class technical skills, she is also accommodating, creative and a pleasure to work with.
  • Elizabeth Jamieson Client Anne

    Anne Nordhaus-Bike

    I recommend Elizabeth Jamieson highly to those who need to create seriously smart, effective, fast, and powerful websites for their businesses. That's exactly what she's helped me do since we met in 2014. One of the greatest things she's given me is full control over all our websites: when we need to change or update something, I can do it myself, and fast.
  • Elizabeth Jamieson Client Ken

    Ken Theriot

    My website is the hub of my online business. She patiently walks me through how to build web pages to look and do exactly what I want them to. And it is no exaggeration to say that what money I make through my website is in no small part directly attributable to her Liz's help. Her dedication to my success is rare - almost impossible to find these days. 

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