Local Or Regional Businesses

Are You A Local Business Owner?

A local business is usually a bricks and mortar business that services the people in the areas within a certain radius of the physical business premises. For example, an accountancy office with street premises, or a veterinary clinic are both likely to service customers in or close to the town or city in which they are based.

Similarly, a restaurant, or a taxi business, would expect to provide services to people local to them.

Examples of Local Businesses

We just mentioned four examples of local businesses. Some others might be

In other words, a local business is any business where the majority of customers are physically located within a reasonable distance of the business premises.

But Aren't There Exceptions?

But hold on, I hear you saying. The accountant could easily service customers hundreds of miles away too. That's true. For businesses that could work at any distance, whether they choose to service clients further afield or not comes down to the business owner's personal preference.

Some business people prefer to make eye contact with clients, others like myself, are equally happy to do everything online.

Local Business Websites

Local business need to have websites that are tuned to local search terms. This requirement affects how a local website is constructed. It is quite different to sites that are not focused on local customers.