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Last Updated On : 14-Nov-2019 By Liz Jamieson

The blogging lifestyle is very appealing. You work hours to suit yourself and your family. You can live anywhere providing there is a good internet connection, and you make all the decisions. What's not to like?

You've probably seen well-known career bloggers, earning what looks like a ton of money, and desperately want the same for yourself.

Can You Become A Star Blogger?

It's not easy to blog for income, and I don't think it's as passive an activity as some people say it is. Although you hear about it all the time, very few bloggers consistently earn upwards of 10K every month. Most will be earning nothing at all or will even be losing money.

If you decide to start a blog, you may never become one of the highly successful bloggers who hit the headlines or publicise their earnings for all to see.

Good Grief - Should I Give Up Already?

Not necessarily. I'd just ask you to look at it slightly differently. If you put enough effort in, there is no reason a blog that you work at consistently, cannot at some stage

  • pay your monthly mortgage or
  • cover your monthly car payments, or
  • serve as extra monthly income if your pension provision isn't cutting it.

In other words there is no reason that you should not realistically aim to earn between $100 to $1000 per month from your blog.

These are modest achievements compared to super blogger levels of income, but they are possible and can make a difference to your life.

If, once you achieve this more modest level of success you want to take your blogging project to bigger heights, you can put the work and research in to do that. At that point you will surely understand what you are dealing and be better prepared to do what it takes to make more income.

So Blogging For Modest Levels Of Income Is Easy?

No ... I didn't say it would be easy. For many people earnings will stick stubbornly at zero. If you procrastinate, get stuck on a technical issue, keep changing your mind about your blog's topic, and other such things, you will make no progress at all.

It takes effort to organise yourself sufficiently to build a well-structured site, decide on the content, learn enough SEO, keep your site running smoothly, deal with all the legal requirements and so on. All of that has to be done before you earn a cent.

No wonder many would-be bloggers only get as far as buying a domain name.

How I Can Help You

So how is it blogging done? I will tell you about that another time as I am also a blogger who earns affiliate income.

Because I've been on and am continuing on this journey myself, I know that setting your site up properly first time, is a huge plus. As a free traffic blogger you will rely on Google for much of your visitor traffic and so the way you write your blog posts will really make a difference.

Essential Advice!

Find out what your visitors are searching for, then in your blog posts, give them exactly what they are looking for. Use simple language and clear step by step instructions. 

Getting the initial site set up right will help enormously, as will the training I can provide on niche selection, keyword research and on page SEO.

My Blogger Fast Start Package is a web design project plus some training. I will get you started. After completing my training and with a solid well-built blog under your belt, I can show you some of the best advanced blogger training I've found on offer from others. How do I know? Because I take these training courses myself.

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