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Last Updated On : 13-Jan-2020 By Liz Jamieson

For beginners, start a blog is an overwhelming experience.I can help you survive that and come out smiling ...

Our blogger training service is all about getting a brand new blogger and their blog, up and running. When you begin a blog, it'll have very few visitors apart from your friends and family. This can be disheartening. If you're already a social media influencer thousands or hundreds of thousands of followers, then your new blog will enjoy plenty of visitors from day one.

But like most new bloggers, if you're unknown there will be no activity on your site for some time. But there is some good news. If you

  • have chosen a winning topic for your blog and
  • can write effectively for your audience on your chosen topic,

your site can eventually enjoy a growing readership.

A good blog topic is one that you've proven is of interest to a large number of people, that has many easy keywords associated with it and that links to a number of suitable products that you can promote.

All you have to do is follow some basic rules, be consistent and be willing to learn. You will need to become obsessed with your blog and excited by its possibilities, to succeed.

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Will You Build My Blog For Me?

In short, yes. I will build a fast, well-constructed blog, place it on high quality hosting and also provide instructions on how to add content. The success of your blog is mostly up to you and how much effort you decide to put in. However your hosting, blog structure and on-page SEO also play important roles and will underpin your potential for success.

When I create the blog for you, it will have the correct technical foundations. The rest of course - the content and ongoing maintenance - is up to you.

My role is to ensure that you have a great start and have a good grasp of the main tasks you must performs each day and week to succeed.

What Will I Learn?

You will learn

  • how to check your niche is suitable for blogging (for income)
  • how to perform keyword research using my favourite keyword research tool
  • how to perform keyword research for free
  • about the most useful Google Chrome Extensions to help you
  • to write an effective blog post
  • how to optimise images for SEO
  • how to SEO a post
  • how to prepare a post for social media
  • how to submit your posts to social media
  • how to monitor traffic
  • how to build backlinks
  • hosting guidance
  • further third party training suggestions based on my own experience of taking course on blogging.

Will I Have To Buy Any Extra Products Or Services?

You will need tools and these won't always be free. Please allow a monthly budget for tools. Blogging for income is a business and has costs. However these are insignificant compared to those spent setting up a business with bricks and mortar premises and physical goods or face to face services.

You will need some extra tools in order to blog effectively. It's up to you how many of these you decided to purchase. I will make some suggestions based on my own experience of using various tools and services and explain to you why the tools are useful and why I like the ones I use.

Keyword Research Tools

You will probably need a keyword research tool. There are free ones but the paid keyword tool I use is unbeatable.

SEO Tools

Apart from keyword research there are SEO tools for identifying technical SEO problems and opportunities on your site.

Graphics Tools

You will need graphic programs that allow you to produce your own graphics. Fortunately there are some very cost effective options available.

Social Media Services

Some form of social media poster will be required.

Premium Plugins

Any premium plugins that I use on the site will be bought directly by you as these will need to be maintained by you over time, so you will need to have a current license for each one.

Domain Name

You will purchase your own domain name. My preferred supplied for domain names is Namecheap.


During the training, I will host your blog on my servers. When the training is over, I will advise on hosting and if install your site on that hosting. The hosting charge will be your responsibility once the site is handed over.

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