Turnkey Website Design For Small Business

Last Updated On : 13-Jan-2020 By Liz Jamieson

I specialise in creating WordPress sites that work hard for consultants and local business. This is a done for you service where all site content updates and maintenance are performed my me, over time.

A website design service that includes your new site and all ongoing maintenance. What's not to like?

Your contribution involves coming up with appropriate content on an agreed schedule. There will be nothing technical for you to do as I will also take care of all technical aspects of the site. As long as you can create written content there is nothing more for you to do.

Want A Cool Website That's So Cool, It's Uncool?

The day visitors are forced to think hard about what to do next when they visit a website, is the day the site lose visitors.

Innovative design and cool, if somewhat baffling user interfaces, do have a place on the internet. But edgy or leading edge designs are almost always inappropriate for small business.

Can Small Businesses Ever Benefit From Design?

It's possible, but in general small business does not do well with this type of design.

While creating web-pages we are thinking 'great literature'. While the user's reality is much closer to 'billboard going by at 60 miles an hour'.

Steve Krug - Author Don't Make Me Think

Small business must maintain a web presence that adequately represents them, and that piques the interest of as many website visitors as possible. It'll normally do this by supplying good quality information in the form of answers to the potential customer's burning questions.

The site must hold the reader's attention and begin to build trust. The web site design itself should not interfere with that process, but should facilitate it.

In the case of a small business, the web site design should go mostly unnoticed.

Which Customer Problems Does Your Small Business Solve?

Small businesses should describe solutions to problems the potential customer is looking to solve. If you are in the baking business, explain why your bread and your bakery services are best. Maybe you offer a gluten-free range - this solves a problem for people who have an intolerance to gluten.

If you are a supplier of swimming pools, explain why your pools are the best pools available and what makes them better than the competition. Maybe you sell swim-in-place pools. This product solves an swimming exercise problem for people with restricted space.

Everything about your services should be clearly stated, with all the benefits or advantages listed. The information should be easy to find and easy to understand.

Is Your Business A Household Name?

Cutting edge website design that communicates information sparsely and/or cryptically, is only useful for brands whose product or offer is known and widely understood.

You can afford to be mysterious and "out-there", when your marketing messages have been so well absorbed by whole populations, that your company name has entered the vernacular.

As a small business, you will always have to present as trustworthy and competent to provide a service.

Our Purpose Is Therefore ....

Helping you increase website traffic, establish trust and grow enquiries is where we prefer to focus. To achieve this your website must present as fast, uncomplicated and easy to use. It should also work beautifully on a mobile phone.

How Important Is Site Speed?

My site here at elizbethjamieson.com is pretty fast. That's because it uses the technologies and site structure I know are best. I'd use the same techniques on your site and so, (as long as you host at my recommended host) I can guarantee an A A rating on GTMetrix for your home page, main landing pages and the majority of your content pages.

Why is this important? Right now, Google prefers fast sites. Site speed is one of Google's many ranking factors.

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My Web Design Service Includes

  1. A simple, easy to use site based on your company colours and appropriate for communicating services information to your visitors.
  2. Secure, professional WordPress installation
  3. Temporary placeholder logo if you don’t yet have one
  4. Mobile friendly WordPress site that works on desktop computers, tablets and smartphones
  5. Our standard set of premium plugins
  6. Fast, professional and secure hosting
  7. Contact form with spam limiter
  8. Dedicated landing pages for your services
  9. Google Analytics and Google Search console integration
  10. Email opt-in forms
  11. Double A (A A) GTMetrix performance ratings on the home page, main landing pages and most content pages.
  12. All content updates of content provided by you
  13. Monthly maintenance, including super fast hosting
  14. Email through Google G Suite
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