In-Depth WordPress Site Audit

Last Updated On : 13-Jan-2020 By Liz Jamieson

How Will A WordPress Site Audit Help My Business?

A site review is a good option if you suspect your existing WordPress site could be doing better. Maybe the site's traffic numbers are consistently low, or you've suffered a drop in traffic.

Maybe the site performs slowly with pages that seem to take an age to load. Or the it may be down or often unresponsive, or it may display some sort of error. Whatever the problem is, I can give you an explanation as to why, and more importantly, what to do to get your site back on track.

Who Is The Site Review Service For?

The service is for WordPress site owners whose site is experiencing problems of speed, performance, traffic, maintenance or usability.

What Do I Get?

I produce a video report of your site showing all findings in the site review process. The video will identify where problems are and our suggestions for the next steps to take to fix them.

How Long Does A Site Review Take?

I will need at least one week to produce the site review report from the day you order it.

Will I Be Able To Fix Any Of The Problems Myself?

Certainly you'll be able to fix some of WordPress, SEO or performance issues highlighted. Many will be easy to address. But others my require some technical intervention.

We'll advise you of the best items to look at first, so that you correct those with the biggest impact on your site, first. We'll also give you pointers to help fix issues that are straightforward.

Will I Have To Rebuild My WordPress Site?

No - not necessarily. If your site has problems that are unrelated to the tools used to build it, then a site rebuild will not be required.

In cases where the technology used to build a site is outdated, inefficient or bloated, then starting again, using better technology can make a big difference.

If starting again is the right answer, then you would still use WordPress, but because there are many different types of plugin and theme solutions available you would probably use a different combination of those to achieve a better result. However, once you receive your site review the actions you take to address the issues uncovered, are ultimately your decision.

Hosting my also be an issue. If you need to find a better host we will advise on this too.

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What Kind Of Access Do You Need?

We need full administrator access to your WordPress site. We would also ask you to add us as users of your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts if you have these set up.

Do I Have To Use Your Services To Fix My Site's Problems?

We will offer to do the fixes we highlight for you, but if you prefer to use other service providers, or apply the fixes yourself, that's fine too.

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