Fatal Error On Update To Jetpack V8.0

Last Updated On : 13-Jan-2020 By Liz Jamieson

A client site logged a fatal error last night when the Jetpack plugin was updated to version 8. It logged this error :

Jetpack fatal error v8 upgrade
Fatal Error for upgrade to Jetpack V8

It apparently happened because the Jetpack development team "moved some files around" which triggered a fatal error when the moved files were detected as missing from their old locations.

The Jetpack development team say the error only happens on that particular upgrade and should not happen again. They also say to clear any caches to be sure everything is OK.

This is an old site. I haven't used Jetpack on a site for many years so if this site is ever redeveloped, I would not install this plugin again. It's a one stop shop for a number of features so it bundles a lot of plugins and functions together. I prefer to pick and choose my own plugins, changing them when I need to for better ones.

Jetpack remains on the site, for the time being, and is causing no further issues.

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