How To Add Headings And Paragraphs In Gutenberg

Last Updated On : 09-Jan-2020 By Liz Jamieson

Most blog posts are made up of a number of headings and a number of paragraphs with a image or two thrown in. I've covered images in another post. We'll concentrate on headings and paragraphs here.


Even though editors in WordPress are visual, you should not forget that the web is built on HTML. This means headings are really all about tags like H1, H2, H3

Headings are hierarchical and in HTML - the language of the web - they range fromH1, H2, H3 down to H6.

When you write a blog post, the title is always an h1 heading. This means your posts always contains at least one proper heading. Headings are important as they signal what your post is about to Google. The idea is that if something is important enough to be marked as a heading using heading tags, it must be key to what the text means.

Lots of bloggers use bolded text to create headings. Don't be like them. It's a small signal but still, a signal of poor quality.

That's why it's never good to use ordinary paragraph text that you've simply bolded, as a heading. Your SEO will suffer. Give headings the status they deserve.

The consumption of content is all about structure and you help Google's understanding of content when you structure it. By making sure you break your posts up into structured paragraphs with meaningful headings you help Google to understand what you've written. This means Google is more likely to bring your content up as a response to a search query.

Use H2 Headings Next - Then H3 And So On

So if the title of the post is an H1 heading, all subsequent headings should be H2s. Only use H3 if it is below and included in the content covered by the above H2 . And only use an H4 if is it below and included in the content covered by the above H3 Get it?

As you write break your paragraphs up with lower level H2 headings. And if the information under an H2, needs further sub-headings, then use and H3 and so on.

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