Landscape Or Portrait Images?

Last Updated On : 18-Apr-2020 By Liz Jamieson

Adding an image to your blog post is easy, but it is also the easiest way to mess up your site. Here is a guide to adding an image to your blog post.

Which Orientation?

To make your pages appear to be as ordered and well-kempt as possible, decide how you going to display images up front, and take the majority of your photos around the right way.

The first decision to make is which image orientation will you use most on your blog?

Photos are usually portrait or landscape. I nearly always take landscape photos as I think portrait oriented photos rarely look good on websites.

There may be exceptions, but for normal, everyday blog posts it's landscape every time.

Make up your own mind. Which image looks better on the page to you?

Here are two images I've taken. One landscape and one portrait. Do you agree with me that the landscape photo looks better? The portrait image takes up too much vertical space.

Landscape Photo Example

A photo taken with my phone turned on its side, giving the photo landscape orientation.
Haute Savoie, France

Below is a photo taken in a portrait orientation. On a desktop or laptop device it leaves a large amount of space either side.

However on a phone it fills the space well horizontally - but will appear very long and may only just fit on a mobile phone screen vertically.

Portrait Photo Example

A screenshot of my phone - an image with portrait orientation.
The Dordogne, France

Whichever orientation looks best for you, be aware of how it will look on the page. I think this photo would look much better on the page had I taken it in landscape orientation.

Landscape version of the same house

Even though it's a tall building, I did take a landscape version of this house. Here it is. Oh well. I realise some of the image is lost this way around, but I still prefer it. If getting it all in had been important to me I'd have stood further away!

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