Do you offer WordPress site audits?

Yes. If your WordPress site isn't working the way you thought it should, or you think it's too slow or getting no traffic or any other issue, then I can provide you with an audit. You will get a video explaining all my findings and a bullet list of recommendations to address any issues.

Do you build websites for clients?

Yes, as long as you and I are a good fit. We can figure that out after you make an enquiry. I'll find out what you want from your site, your budget and whether or not you prefer to be deeply involved in the WordPress build, or if you prefer a more hands-off service.

Do you offer hosting?

I can offer hosting advice and guide you to choosing the right hosting for your projects. For some clients who want a turn-key service, I do provide hosting, in conjunction with a full or partial blogging service to include SEO and maintenance.

Can you offer WordPress consultancy?

Yes. If you have some burning questions, or need some information before you make a decision to do with WordPress, I can definitely help you. You might have questions about certain plugins, themes, hosts or page builder products. I have vast experience with software development and can help you make good WordPress decisions.

Do you offer blog builder training?

Yes. If you want to build your own blog or website, and avoid reliance on a web designer to do it for you, I offer a one-on-one coaching service to make sure you achieve that. I have run this coaching service many times in the past. It is individually tailored to you. So if you are complete beginner or someone with more WordPress experience, it doesn't matter.

How much is blog builder training?

The price will vary depending on how much you already know, or how much of what you already know I have to undo. However, it is likely to cost more that other options available to you because it is so individual.

How is your WordPress training different?

You can learn about building your own WordPress site for free online or with paid courses. Obviously each source of information, free or paid will guide you down a slightly different path.

This is because there are are hundreds of ways of approaching WordPress. You have to navigate the options and make decisions about which methods you will use and then, whose training you will use.

The difference with my training is that you get to learn the most efficient and effective way to achieve your online goals first time and the training will be at your pace, starting from where you are now.

Unlike other training I will teach you to write at least basic CSS and HTML. You cannot attain self-sufficiency online without a basic understanding of these two technologies.

I will explain what you need to avoid and more importantly, why. My aim is to get you to a position where you rarely need me or anyone else to help you with your site.

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