I offer a number of services. These are :


Choose this option if you want to ask a specific question about your site, or about search engine optimisation. You will receive a written report containing the answers you seek or a plan of action.

Site Audits

This is a good option if you already have a WordPress site and you want to find out what's wrong with it or if it could be improved. You will receive a video review of your site with suggestions about how to improve it.

Web Design

This is where I build a fast, light-weight site for you and after it is delivered, you are responsible for hosting, content generation and maintenance.

Web Design Plus Maintenance

Choose this option if you want a turnkey solution where I create your website and host it for you. All you have to do is provide the content I ask for - I will take care of the rest.

Blogger Training

This service is all about getting a new blogger up and running with maximum efficiency and realistic expectations. This is a one-on-one coaching course which will see you achieve:

  • a high-quality blog with the correct internal structure,
  • training in keyword research
  • on-page SEO training
  • an introduction to affiliate marketing, and
  • an introduction to the tools and services that you might be interested in, as you become more proficient.

SEO Inspection Package

This is offered as an option to any site I've built for a client. With this option you will have your own hosting on WP Engine. The SEO inspection package allows you to retain control and responsibility for your site, but with my input to help you make decisions and make the most of opportunities while avoiding problems.

Please note, all items of the SEO inspection package pertain only to the site that is covered by the SEO inspection contract agreed with the client. The SEO inspection contract includes the following items :

Monthly Check For Site Errors And Potential Improvements

I run my own sites regularly though SEMRush. SEMRush is a premium service that can be used to detect hundreds of different problems with websites. SEMRush reacts to changes in Google, so if something becomes a problem due to a change in Google's policy, SEMRush can also detect those issues. I will update you about any issues found.

Weekly Plugin Update

WordPress plugins are updated frequently by plugin authors. But before you update any plugins you must backup your site in case a plugin update causes problems or breaks your site. All plugin updates will be performed.

Use Of Premium Plugins On New Sites

Premium plugins are plugins you pay for, usually every year. However I have a developer license for the premium plugins I use, which means I can use them on my client sites. As long as you are on the maintenance package you will have the use of the latest versions of the following premium plugins on your site should you have your site overhauled with newer technology.

Keyword Topic Research

I will produce keyword topic lists on request, so that you know which topics to target in your niche and so which blog posts to write to generate the most traffic. I use a variety of paid tools to build these lists, including SEMRush, KWFinder and SECockpit.

Reduced Spam

Spam filters are good at removing robot spam, but some of the human spam still gets through. I will minimise the amount of human spam that is sent to you via the contact form(s) on your site. This means you can avoid the distraction of much of the spam your site might receive in your inbox, sent via your site's contact form.

Lower Rates For Ad Hoc Work

Pay a reduced hourly rate for ad hoc tasks. Save 30% on tasks related to the site named in the SEO Inspection agreement.

Ask Me Anything About Your Site Or WordPress

This is particularly valuable. Ask me any question about WordPress. This could be how to do something on your site, where to find suitable affiliate links, how to set an affiliate link up, how to use a click tracker, how to get Google Ads working on your site, how to optimise an image, how to use Gutenberg, or any other question to do with your site and WordPress.

As long as I can answer your question with a blog post, then you can ask any sensible WordPress related question and expect an answer.

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