Useful Free Websites

Delete All Your Tweets

Ever wanted to clear out an old Twitter account and delete all your old tweets? Or maybe only delete tweets that contain a certain word? Or delete tweets older than a certain date?

On their website them neton the following reasons for wanting to do this.

  • To prevent a new employer seeing something regrettable that you said on Twitter a couple of years ago.
  • To remove references to a previous partner after starting a new relationship.
  • To repurpose an existing Twitter account and remove everything in it.

Then try TweetDelete.

Foreign Language Translation

I've been using Google Translate, but I have heard that this natural language translator is a lot better.

Host Google Fonts Locally

If you've got a fast web server, you can speed your site up if you host your own Google fonts. This Google Fonts Helper site helps to generate the necessary code.

SERPS Simulator

This website lets you simulate an image of a screenshot of SERPS.

Colour Selection

I often design websites around one colour. Use this to find the one colour you need.

Random Colour Generator

Transaprent Textures

Make plain colour backgrounds a bit more interesting using transparent textures.

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