My Latest Blog Posts

Whenever I think of, or find interesting information of use to WordPress site owners, I will post it here.

Blog posts could be articles on recommended plugins for you to try, new services that may help you grow business, new ways to make your site go faster, best practices, or just plain good advice. If a client or a member of my WordPress Club asks a question I will answer it here.

Why Start A Blog?

I want to address this question in the context of a small business. This article is aimed at people who run small businesses - it does not matter what kind. They could be selling physical items, selling expertise, providing education, or providing a service. At this stage of the discussion, what type of small business […]

Landscape Or Portrait?

I think laying all photos out in the say orientation on a site improves how the site looks.

How To Brand Title Tags

Should you add your business or company name - so called "branding" - to the end of every title tag?

Starting New WordPress Posts

How to start on a new WordPress post and which status to keep it in while you work on it.

Optimise Images For The Web

Make your images web-ready by resize and optimising using Imgix's online sandbox.

Add SEO Metadata To Posts

Don't let your SEO plugin generate automatic SEO metadata. It's much better when SEO is handcrafted.

How To Add Images To Posts

There's a lot to think about when adding an image to a blog post, in terms of both SEO and performance.

Add Social Media Images

Every blog post needs a social media image so that the post stands out on social media platforms.

Adding Content To Your Blog

Headings are an important part of SEO. Make sure you use H1, H2 and H3 headings in your post.

Steps To Publish A Post

There are several steps required to publish a blog post if you're interested in SEO and performance.

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