My name is Liz and I run Elizabeth Jamieson Web Services. I offer a no-nonsense approach to WordPress consultancy based on my experience of helping hundreds of people in the past 20 years.

I've solved client's technical website problems and taught small business owners to use WordPress.

I am physically located in France, in the Mayenne, but I work with people in any part of the world. In the past, my clients have mostly been in the US, the UK and Australia.

I specialise in giving advice to help you make sales, build traffic and/or increase enquiries. Any website that I build for you will be for the sole purpose of :

  • bringing targeted traffic to your business that can either be converted into leads or sales, and/or
  • representing your business online professionally (brochure site service)

Targeted traffic can be achieved in a number of ways. Once I've understood what your business is and how much you want to be involved in the traffic generation, I can advise you of the best way to achieve business goals through your site.

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Websites That Users Connect With

In my experience, well-structured websites with a simple design will beat over-designed, busy, complex sites every single time.

Your business surely relies on persuading people to pick your product or service and not someone else's. To achieve this your site must:

  • be extremely clear about what's on offer,
  • not be cryptic, evasive, sarcastic or ironic
  • simply organised and easy to use, and
  • answer most of the obvious questions a person might have about your offering
  • be fast according to Google

The chances of success are increased when clear and well-organised information is presented. A fast, uncluttered, easy to use, no friction website will do the job for your conversions. I'm here to help you achieve that.

Clients And Prospective Clients

Existing clients and prospective clients can book appointments to meet with me. Please click the button below.

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